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Whirlpool's Ice Maker Harvest Cycle

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Water Adjustment
Water Fill Adjustment
The fill level is adjustable by turning a screw (or knob on some models) on the side of the icemaker module. Turning the screw clockwise reduces the fill; turning the screw counter-clockwise will increase the fill.
Do not turn the screw (or knob) more than one full revolution in either direction or damage to module could occur!

Initiating a Test Cycle

Removing the front cover of the icemaker will expose the test points on the module.
These test points can be used to test components and to initiate an ice harvest cycle.
Checking between test points L and N with a Voltmeter set to the appropriate AC
scale will confirm the presence of 120 VAC to the icemaker. If the source voltage is
present and the ice is down to temperature, the icemaker should be cycling.
If the icemaker fails to initialize the harvest, a jumper wire (made from a short piece
of 14 gauge electrical wire that has been stripped back ½ inch on both ends) can be used to start the cycle. Inserting the jumper between contacts T and H will simulate the closing of the thermostat and will energize the timer motor and the heater. Remove the jumper after 3 seconds. The icemaker should continue to run without the jumper in place. If the jumper is not removed prior to the ejector blades reaching the 10:00 o’clock position, the water valve will not energize. Rotating the ejector blades or drive gears manually will destroy the module assembly. Always use the jumper to cycle the icemaker.

Never jump any test points other than those specified.

If the icemaker starts when the jumper is inserted, the thermostat is defective. If the
icemaker doesn’t start and there is power to the unit, the problem is in the module. In
either case, replace the icemaker. Jump Across T and H Remove jumper after about 3 seconds, before the blades reach the 10 o’clock position.

Friday, November 18, 2011

KSSC42FMS00 Air Damper motor Disassembly

KSSC42FMS00 Built In Troubleshooting Tips

KSSC42FMS00 Built In Troubleshooting Tips pg4

If you need the Service Manual E-mail me Here=> or I can walk you through the repair over the phone, Thank You, John Tripp